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Bulté RB.29
Since 1929, the Belgian engineer René Bulté has changed the numbering of his projects, now the year of manufacture was added to the author's initials. As a result, the second Bülte model was named RB.29.
It was a two-seat strut-braced high-wing aircraft powered by a 100 hp Hispano-Suiza six-cylinder engine.
In total, Avions Bulté & Cie has built three similar machines OO-AKC, -AKD, -AKE. The second aircraft was powered by a five-cylinder Renard engine of the same power, and the third was powered by an 85-horsepower four-cylinder ADC Cirrus III engine.
All RB.29 vehicles did not fly for long - in early 1930, one of them was crashed while trying to set a new speed record, and the other two were later destroyed in a hangar fire.

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