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BOK BOK-2 / TsKB-5 / RK
The BOK-2 (RK or TsKB-5) (Russian: БОК-2, РК or ЦКБ-5) was one of the three BOK designs not related to stratospheric flight and was characterized by the implementation of a high lift sectional wing design and hence it was known as RK - Razreznoe Krylo or Section Wing (No. confuse with the RK - Razdivizshnoye Krylo of Pashayev).
Designed by S. Krichevski the BOK-2 was conceived as an experimental type single-seater cantilever-wing monoplane with an M-11 engine. The distinctive feature of this aircraft was the long, sectioned wing with a special profile. The airplane was conceived to fly with different positions of the section. Each movement of the rudder and flaps caused a variation of the wing profile, so the pilot had the possibility to adjust the wing to the most practical regime for the real flight conditions.
The development of the BOK-2 brought with it a large amount of studies and tests in the wind tunnel with the aim of studying the wing aerodynamics in the different configurations.
A single example was built at the TsKB of Factory No.39 Menzhinski, as the TsKB-5. Its construction was very clean equipped with an M-11 engine. The plywood overlay was polished to a smooth, shiny surface.
The BOK-2 was tested between 1935 and 1936, being flown successfully. The development of the model was interrupted by the death of its designer.

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