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Bezobrazov and Mosca 1914 tandem triplane

Ensign Alexander Aleksandrovich Bezobrazov (Russia) wanted to make an airplane that was to stable without a tail and proposed a three-winged tailless tandem. In February 1914, he showed his project to the Italian designer and pilot Francesco Mosca, who did a significant part of the design work. According to Bezobrazov's original ideas, the engine should have been placed in the middle of the fuselage with a long shaft to a tractor propeller, and the cockpit behind the engine in a closed glazed cabin with a periscope, but Mosca objected and the aircraft was being built with a normal fuselage. The construction was completed by October 1914, a month after the outbreak of hostilities. The first flight by Mosca was successful, but Bezobrazov had already been sent to the front. He was wounded and spent a long time in hospital, while the machine was transferred to Crimea where Mosca continued the tests. On 6 August 1916 the pilot IA Orlov crashed it when trying to take off. Repair was completed by March 1917, but further experiments were suspended.

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