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EAP is a single-seat aircraft with a compound-sweep delta wing and an all-moving canard. Power is provided by twin reheated RB.199 turbofans fed by chin intakes. The contract for the design, development, and construction of the demonstrator was signed in May 1983.

The EAP technology demonstrator aircraft exceeded Mach 1.1 on its first flight on August 8, 1986. Produced by British Aerospace in collaboration with several industrial part-ners, including Aeritalia, MBB, Rolls-Royce, Dowty, Ferranti, and GEC, the EAP has received financial support from the UK Government. Intended to demonstrate a complete weapons system for the 1990s, the EAP incorporates many advanced-technology features, including the extensive use of carbon-fibre structures, advanced aerodynamics, digital fly-by-wire with relaxed stability, a digital databus, and an integrated electronic cockpit.

Engines: 2 x Turbo-Union RB 199-34R Mk, 40.0-75.7kN
Take-off weight: 14515 kg / 32000 lb
Empty weight: 10000 kg / 22046 lb
Wingspan: 11.77 m / 38 ft 7 in
Length: 17.72 m / 58 ft 2 in
Height: 5.70 m / 18 ft 8 in
Wing area: 51.66 sq.m / 556.06 sq ft
Max. speed: 2M
Crew: 1



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