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Bogatyrew Utka Nadieżda / Kaczka-Nadzieja
In 1910, Michał Bohatyrew built a canard aircraft in Mońki near Białystok, called "Utka Nadieżda" ("Kaczka-Nadzieja"). Modeled on a Voison canard, but it was a monoplane.
A single-seat monoplane with a wooden structure. Double-girder rectangular lobe stiffened with steel wires. Truss hull with rectangular cross-section in the front and triangular in the rear with ash bars, taffeta cover. The cabin is open. Four-wheeled chassis with anti-cabotage skids.
After initial tests, the aircraft was transported to St. Petersburg, where it was shown at the First Exhibition of New Works in April 1911. Then, at the St. Gatczyno airport. the designer made further tests of the aircraft. During the first take-off the plane was crashed.
Engine: air-cooled, 18 kW (25 HP)
Empty weight: 250-270 kg
Total weight: 350-370 kg.
Speed: 45-50 km / h.

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