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Brochet MB-20
Avia 50 MP
The Avia 50 MP (ex MB-20), built by Maurice Brochet in Neauphle-le-Château
Maurice Brochet, former coachbuilder, recovered in 1931 a wreck of an Avia XVa. In his workshop at Neauphle-le-Château, he built a new fuselage with a central pylon on which he fixed a 25 horsepower Poinsard engine. The engine weighs only 35 kg. A single seater, the wing is high and guyed by two masts on each side.
Poinsot 25 CV
Even before the end of the construction, Brochet had designated his future motorglider MB-20. The aircraft was announced by Les Ailes in May 1933.
MB-20 under construction
A Jarlaud and Massenet visited Maurice Brochet, while the aircraft was still under construction. Attracted by the
project, they bought the machine for 15,000 francs on behalf of the Aero-Club of Paris, and sign with Brochet a serial construction protocol. An engineer, Jarlaud modifies it to use the maximum of Avia parts.

After discussion, it was agreed that the device will be called "Avia-50", however, this organization, represented by both visitors, were to bear the cost of testing the machine.
The first flight was on the morning of May 17, 1934, at Toussus-Paris, piloted by Eric Nessler. It started with three small hops at 7 or 8 meters high, soon followed by a real flight at 150 meters for ten minutes.
Eric Nessler at the helm of Avia 50 # 1 (ex MB-20,). At his side (with the beret) Maurice Brochet
After the flights of Eric Nessler, Albert Monville flew the motor-glider. After his flight, his impressions were as follows:
"It's really a glider, which is flying as such, and not an airplane. Glider pilots will be comfortable aboard this aircraft; they will soon be familiar with them. "
Georges Abrial then tested the machine after Albert Monville.
The propeller, poorly adapted, rotated too fast and a new propeller was prepared.
The aircraft was tested in the wind tunnel at Lille, January 5, 9 and 11, 1935, completed by a test of June 25 of the same year, without the wheels, totaling 3:30 hours of tesing.
An Avia 50 is built in 1934 by the "Aeronautical Constructions Letord et Cie" in Meudon. It has a fuselage redesigned. This motorglider was exhibited at the AéCDS show at the 1934 fair.

Avia 50 n ° 2. This copy was not built by Brochet
Les Ets Louis, in Pantin, built at least one Avia 50.
At the beginning of 1936, the AVIA lent its Avia 40 MP to the C.A.U. (Club Aéronautique Universitaire) for the training of its trainees B or C. It was present at the Vincennes meeting on May 23, 1937, piloted by Clamamus.
Avia 50 MP
The AVIA 50 MP was flown to Banne d'Ordanche and used for training. It was crashed by Emile Manduech during one of these courses. During late 1936 at Banne Ordanche, this aircraft was crashed by André Costa, following a loss of speed. The fuselage was broken, but the driver unscathed.
Bonnet in Bordeaux, Joly in Beaune, Leroy in Evreux, Botali in Paris and Brochet de Neauphle le Château, built the first motor-glider "Avia 50".
Engine: 25 hp Poinsard
Wingspan: 11,90 m
Length: 6,72 m
Height: 2,10 m
Take off run: 10 sec
Speed: 100 kph
Range: 300 km
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