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Barron Flecha
In 1913, several copies of the Austrian Lohner Pfeilflieger aircraft (later Lohner B.I) were brought to Spain. After reviewing the design of these aircraft from Eduardo Barron (Eduardo Barrón y Ramos de Sotomayor) decided to modify the Pfeilflieger.
As a result, on April 3, 1915, a new lightweight auxiliary aircraft, the Barrón Flecha (arrow), flew into the sky. After successful tests for the Spanish Air Force, six such aircraft were ordered. All of them were built in the workshops of Cuatro Vientos. Several aircraft like the Pfeilflieger were equipped with an Austro-Daimler engine with an output of 80 hp, and the rest received 100-horsepower Mercedes engines.
At the end of 1916, the Hispano Suiza 8A eight-cylinder engine with a power of 140 hp appeared. (103 kW). Eduardo Barron equipped this engine with one Flecha and arranged a demonstration flight for the King of Spain Alfonso XIII.
After receiving royal approval, Barron built 12 aircraft for the Aeronáutica Militar at the Carde and Escoriaza plant in Zaragoza. The military used Flecha until 1919. And Barron based on the Arrow has developed an even more advanced machine - Barron W.
Wingspan: 13.40 m
Length: 8.50 m
Height: 3.00 m
Wing area: 37.50 sq.m
Empty weight: 630 kg
Max weight: 970 kg
Engine: Hispano Suiza 8A, 140 hp
Max speed: 115 kph
Cruise speed: 95 kph
Crew: 2

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