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Borovkov-Florov No.11
Designed in autumn 1940, the Aircraft No.11 was a maneuverable fighter test only. It was smaller and lighter derivative of the “10”. Instead of one large DM ramjet, it has two smaller ones placed side-by-side. The “11” was a taildragger, and the tailwheel was placed between the two ramjets.
Engine: 1x Shvetsov M-71 (1700/2000 hp); 2x Merkulov DM ramjets
Wing span: 8.5 m
Wing area: 22.0 sq.m
Length: 7.85 m
Takeoff weight: 3250 kg
Wing loading: 148 kg/sq.m
Maximum speed with ramjet active: 750-800 km/h
Climb to 8000 m (with ramjet active): 6-7 min
Flight range: 800 km
Crew: 1

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