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Bowlus BT-100

Bowlus BTS-100

BowlusBA-102 two-place Baby Albatross




The two-place Baby-Albatross was created by lengthening the molded pod of the BA-100 Baby Albatross approximately two feet for a second seat beneath the monospar strutted wing, with porthole windows on each side. The Baby Albatross was built with an aluminum tube tail boom, wood wing, wood tail group, and fabric covered. The first built had the Bowlus control yokes while the second had conventional sticks. Those built up from BT-100 parts were known sometimes as the BTS-100. There were no approach control devices. One belongs to the National Soaring Museum and the Vintage Sailplane Association has plans.

Wing span: 13.56m / 44.5ft
Wing area: 13.94sq.m / 150sq.ft
Empty Weight: 216kg / 476lb
Payload: 192kg / 424lb
Gross Weight: 408kg / 900lb
Wing Load: 29.27kg/sq.m / 6lb /sq.ft
L/DMax: 20
MinSink: 0.69 m/s / 2.25 fps / 1.33 kt
Aspect ratio: 13.2
Airfoil: modified Go 535
No. of Seats: 2



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