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Bowlus Baby Albatross BA-100


The Baby Albatross, first flown in 1937, was a production design by Hawley Bowlus for both kits and complete sailplanes. Bowlus produced kits until 1942, and in 1944 Laister-Kauffmann bought the rights but produced no aircraft before going out of business. The pod is a molded plywood unit, and no spoilers are provided, but some have been modified by owners. Many other modifications were carried out, including one Baby with a steel tube pod built by Schweizer. Many soaring notables had a Baby Bowlus as their first ship, including Dick Johnson, Dick Schreder and Joe Lincoln, and flights of more than 402 km / 250 miles have been made.

One example belongs to the National Soaring Museum.

The Vintage Sailplane Association has plans and the Baby Albatross is Air Transport Certified

Wing span: 13.56 m / 44.5ft
Wing area: 13.93sq.m /150sq.ft
Empty Weight: 136kg /300lb
Payload: 93kg /205lb
Gross Weight: 229kg /505lb
Wing Load: 16.44kg/sq.m/ 3.3lb/sq.ft
MinSink: 0.69 m/s / 2.25 fps
L/DMax: 20
Aspect ratio: 13.2
Airfoil: Go 535 (mod)
No. of Seats: 1
No. Built: 156



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