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Boeing GA-2
After the failure with the construction of GA-1 (and it was considered the refusal of the military to purchase a large series), Boeing decided to change the design of its attack aircraft while preserving the concept itself. The next model that received the designation GA-2 was already a single-engine armoured biplane that was also tested on the basis at McCook Airbase.
The GA-2 was initially seen as a prototype for a new three-engine attack aircraft with 700 hp engines, but as a result, the military ministry ordered two prototypes. The reservation remained approximately identical to GA-1, but due to the reduction of the crew and the number of engines, the mass of it decreased. The weapons were also changed, the gun remained in the same place, and two machine guns were placed in the turret instead of the turrets in front of the nacelle.
Both aircraft were left at the McCook airbase where they flew until 1926.
Engine: Engineering Division W-18, 750 hp
Wing span: 16.47 m
Length: 11.25 m
Height: 3.60 m
Wing area: 258.00 sq.m
Empty weight: 2934 kg
Normal take-off weight: 3941kg
Maximum speed: 206 km / h
Cruising speed: 182 km / h
Range: 364 km
Maximum climb rate: 220 m / min
Ceiling: 3505 m
Crew: 3
Armament: one 37-mm Baldwin cannon, 6x7.62 mm Browning machine guns

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