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Borgnis-Desbordes et de Savignon Triplane
Borgnis de Savignon et de Desbordes
First version
The Borgnis-Desbordes et de Savignon Triplane, also known as the Borgnis de Savignon et de Desbordes, was named after its designers/financier, Achille and Paul Borgnis, and Desbordes de Savignon. A development of the second Bousson-Borgnis, it was of all-metal construction, built at Gennevilliers. There were no rear tail surfaces: steering was done with ailerons set on forward outriggers, and a forward elevator was set low ahead of the 4-wheel undercarriage.  
The first version of the Borgnis et Desbordes de Savignon, 12 March 1909
According to reports this triplane actually left the ground several times in Gennevilliers on January 31, 1909.
The first version was later modified. In the modification the elevator was brought to the rear of the machine and with new undercarriage, it was driven to Yffiniac on the northern coast of Brittany, where it flew and made a "memorable crash”.
Repaired, this machine was destroyed in a collision at the end of 1910, ending the aviation related careers of the Borgnis brothers.


Engine: 6-cylinder, 28 hp
Span: 14.5 m / 47' 7"
Wing area: 80 sq.m
Gross weight: 570 kg / 1250 lb
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