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Bombardier BD-700 Global Express / Sentinel


BD-700 Global Express

The Bombardier BD-700 Global Express is a twin-engine ultra long range executive jet aircraft with two crew members and up to 19 passengers and 2 flight attendants. Development of the BD-700 started late 1991 and the programme launched on 20 December 1993, the dsign goal was the longest possible range at highest speed from a short runway. A wide-body fuselage, combining the Challenger cabin cross-section with cabin length of the Regional Jet, the prototype rolled out 26 August 1996.

The first prototype flew on 13 October 1996. On 31 July 1998, the Canadian certification was granted and the first customer delivery was completed on 8 July 1999 to AirFlite Inc of Long Beach, California.

The Bombardier Global Express business jet was certified by the European Joint Aviation Authorities on May 7, 1999. The approval was issued under JAR Part 25, through Change 14. Bombardier reported having 80 orders for the twin-engine jet. Transport Canada and the FAA certified the airplane in 1998.

The range of the Global Express is 11,390 km at a cruise speed of 904 km/h.

On 3 August 2001 the first Global Express fitted with the ASTO long range airborne surveillance system flew.

The Bombardier BD-700 Global Express is powered by two Rolls-Royce Deutschland BR-710A2-20 turbofans.

Total of 91 aircraft were in customer service by 30 September 2002.


Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Sentinel R.1 ZJ690


Engines: 2 x BMW / Rolls Royce BR 710-48-C2, 66119 N / 6740 kp
Wingspan: 91.896 ft / 28.01 m
Wing area: 1021.934 sq.ft / 94.94 sq.m
Length: 98.983 ft / 30.17 m
Height: 25.0 ft / 7.62 m
Max take off weight: 93395.0 lb / 42356.0 kg
Weight empty: 48510.0 lb / 22000.0 kg
Max. speed: 505 kts / 935 km/h
Cruising speed: 475 kts / 880 km/h
Service ceiling: 51001 ft / 15545 m
Wing load: 91.43 lb/sq.ft / 446.0 kg/sq.m
Maximum range: 6500 nm / 12038 km
Range: 6318 nm / 11700 km
Crew: 2
Payload: 8-19 pax (max. 3266kg)






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