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Boeing X-50A Dragonfly

Boeing, in a joint project with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, had begun testing its revolutionary new canard rotor/wing aircraft, known as the X-50A Dragonfly, making the aircraft's first hover-flight by 2004. It is designed to combine the speed and range of a fixed-wing aircraft with the flexibility of a helicopter. Its rotor is designed to be used for take-off and landing, while in flight it stops and is used as a fixed wing. The aircraft is 17.7 feet long and 6.5 feet high and weighs 1460 pounds. The rotor/wing diameter is 12 feet. It also has a fixed canard measur-ing 8.9 feet in span and an 8.1 -foot-span horizontal tail and is propelled by a con-ventional turbofan engine.

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