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Bally B-17 Bomber
Jack Bally's Bomber is a ⅓ Scale B-17G aircraft built using 1/9 scale RC model aircraft plans, and carries a single pilot. It is powered by four Hirth 3002 4-cylinder 2-stroke engines, spans 34′ 7″ and weighs an estimated 1,800 lbs.
The unique aircraft received airworthiness certification in September 2016 following initial engine and taxi tests. The first flight was intended to be a high speed taxi test, but the machine was said to “just kind of [take] off”.


On 14 November 2016 Jack Bally`s 1/3 scale B-17 replica performed its maiden flight, departing from its home field in Illinois for a short flight to a local airport, where it was to undergo continued flight tests.


Power Plant: 4 x Hirth 3002, 60 hp
Wing Span: 34 ft. 7 in.
Length: 25 ft.
Tail Height: 6 ft. 10 in.
Fuel Capacity: 42 USgal.
Empty Weight: 1800 lbs. (Est.)
Cruising Speed: 110 kts. (Est.)
Crew: 1
Number Built: 1

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