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Boeing 200 Monomail


Boeing began the development of an advanced cargo/mail-carrying aircraft in 1929. A cantilever low-wing monoplane of all-metal construction, the Boeing Model 200 Monomail benefited by the cantilever wing eliminating drag-inducing struts and bracing wires. The a semi-monocoque fuselage structure provided a more streamlined shape, the semi-retractable tailwheel landing gear ensured that most of the main unit structure was retracted within the wing, and the Pratt & Whitney Hornet B radial engine was surrounded by an anti-drag cowling. It retained an open cockpit for the pilot, seated well aft, and the forward cargo/ mail compartments.

First flown on 6 May 1930, the Monomail was used for a number of tests and experimental flights before entering service on Boeing Air Transport's San Francisco - Chicago route in July 1931. The aircraft did not achieve a single order beyond the prototype. The advanced design of this aircraft led to development of the Model 214 and Model 215 experimental bombers, and two variants of this basic civil design.

Boeing Model 200

Engine: 1 x 429kW Pratt & Whitney Hornet B radial
Take-Off Weight: 3629 kg / 8001 lb
Empty Weight: 2158 kg / 4758 lb
Wingspan: 18.02 m / 59 ft 1 in
Length: 12.56 m / 41 ft 2 in
Max. Speed: 254 km/h / 158 mph
Cruise Speed: 217 km/h / 135 mph
Ceiling: 4265 m / 14000 ft
Range: 853 km / 530 miles



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