Blackburn L.1 Bluebird



Bluebird IV


The Blackburn Bluebird was the first British side-by-side two-seater to enter production and 79 were built in various marks with engines ranging from 80 to 100hp.



The Bluebird was of metal frame construction and used a 100 hp de Havilland Gipsy I engine. The streamlined fuselage was fabric covered, and the two seats were side-by-side. Dual controls were fitted.

Not only was the Bluebird manufactured by Blackburn, but also by Saunders-Roe at Cowes. Wings were also sub-contracted by Suanders-Roe to Boulton & Paul Ltd of Norwich. The Saunders-Roe aircraft sales were handled by Auto-Auctions Ltd.

The L.1C Bluebird IV sold for £795, later reduced to £695.

The Hon Mrs Victor Bruce flew one solo around the world between 25 September 1930 and 20 February 1931.




Bluebird IV
Engine: Armstrong Siddeley Genet Major

L.1C Bluebird IV
Engine: 100 hp de Havilland Gipsy I
Max level speed: 120 mph
Cruise speed: 85 mph
Max ceiling: 15,000 ft
Max range: 320 miles
Seats: 2 side-by-side