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Breda Ba.32
I-SEBM c/n: 3232001 Ministero Aeronautica /Centocelle 17 June 1932
A 1931 trimotor low-wing monoplane light airliner
The Breda Ba.32 was an Italian three-engine medium civil/transport aircraft, which had room for 8/10 passengers or freight. The maiden flight was in 1931. Only one aircraft was built known to have gone in June 1932 to the Ministero Aeronautica and it was powered by 3 x 320 hp P&W Wasp Junior and demolished in March 1940.
Other sources record I-ADDB as registered on 3-12-34 to SAI, Torino, and it had gone to Militar Aviation August 1935, it should have Fiat engines.
Wingspan: 26.67m




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