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Breguet U.1
Breguet 1-bis of 1909 at aérodrome de la Brayelle
A large Breguet RU1 biplane.
The original 1909 Breguet U.I designed and built by Louis Breguet was later improved into the U.I-bis.
Number 40, of 1911 had a radial engine, two-blade wood propeller.
Engine: Salmson Canton-Unné, 85 hp
Span upper: 45' / 13,70 m
Span lower: 39'4"
Length: 30' / 9.15m
Empty weight: 1275 lb
Total weight: 1150 kg
Speed: 80 kph
Span: 41'
Length: 27'11"
Weight: 1100 lb

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