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Berliner-Joyce P-16 / PB-1



The United States Army Air Corps wrote specs for a two-seat fighter, getting a competition held in April, 1929. As per Air Corps specification -1639A, the proposal of the new Berliner/Joyce Air-craft Corp. won out over its competitors, Boeing, Curtiss and Vought. The fighter, officially designated the XP-16, was one of three products of a young company that had come into being in 1928. Two-seat fighter concept as envisioned by Air Corps planners required an aft facing gunner.



Completed in October 1929, the one and only XP-16 was delivered in October 1930. A supercharged Curtiss V-1570A Conqueror gave it a top speed of 186mph at 5000 feet, and 183 mph at 10,000 ft. The prototype XP-16 was of fabric-covered metal construction with an upper wing of gull configuration. Armament comprised two fixed forward-firing 7.62mm machine guns and a third weapon of similar calibre on a flexible mounting in the rear cockpit. Five 11kg or two 55kg bombs could be carried.
Two contracts were issued for a total of 25 service test aircraft as YlP-16s, these being essentially similar to the prototype apart from having the unsupercharged V-1570-25 Conqueror which was also rated at 600hp. The YlP-16s were delivered in 1932 and were later redesignated as PB-1s (pursuit-biplace). These proved to possess insufficient manoeuvrability to oppose single-seat fighters, offered extremely poor visibility for landing and displayed a tendency to nose over. They were withdrawn from USAAC service on 31 January 1934.

Prototype XP-16
Engine: Curtiss V-1570A Conqueror 12-cylinder liquid-cooled supercharged, 600hp

Crew: 2
Engine: 1 x 600hp Ñurtiss V-1570-25 Conqueror
Take-off weight: 1813 kg / 3997 lb
Empty weight: 1271 kg / 2802 lb
Wingspan: 10.36 m / 34 ft 0 in
Length: 8.59 m / 28 ft 2 in
Height: 2.74 m / 9 ft 0 in
Wing area: 25.92 sq.m / 279.00 sq ft
Max. speed: 282 km/h / 175 mph
Cruise speed: 243 km/h / 151 mph
Ceiling: 6585 m / 21600 ft
Rate of climb: 654 m/min / 2150 ft/min
Range: 1046 km / 650 miles
Armament: 3 x 7.62mm



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