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Benoist Type 15
Benoist Type 15 flying boat under construction in St. Louis Car Co. shops, ca. 1915

Basically an enlarged Type 14 with a four-bay wing layout and upper and lower wings of equal span. The two direct-drive engines were strut mounted beneath the upper wing.
When the onset of World War I prevented any attempt at a transatlantic flight, Benoist sought to interest the British government in purchasing the aircraft for use in antisubmarine patrol and went so far as to make arrangements to have the type mass-produced at a plant owned by the St. Louis Car (rail) Company. By this time the British were already committed to flying boat contracts with Curtiss, and no orders for the Type 15 were forthcoming.

Benoist hoped to mass-produce the Type 15 for the British Royal Naval Air Services, but the company ceased operations soon afterBenoist’s death in 1917.







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