Bellanca CH

Disappointed because the 'Columbia' was not the first aircraft to accomplish the New York to Paris flight, Bellanca severed all relations with Levine, and started his own company, the Bellanca Aircraft Corporation of America, and rented facilities on Staten Island, NY. The new Bellanca model was designated the CH, and was basically a commercial version of the WB-2.

CH-200 Pacemaker
First flown in 1928

CH-300 Pacemaker



First flown in 1929
CH.300 six-seat Iightpiane, Pacemaker six-seater of 1929 and flown 1931 on an 84-hour 33-minute world non-refueled endurance record.

PM-300 Pacemaker Freighter

E Senior Pacemaker

Senior Pacemaker Srs 8