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Bellamy Hawker Fury


For many years the Fury was 'extinct' as a type and so in the early 1980s Viv Bellamy was contracted by the Hon Patrick Lindsay to build a full size Fury replica for him in Cornwall, England. An original Rolls Royee Kestrel was found after much searching in New Zealand (ex Pete Coleman), where it had been fitted to a Hawker Hind. This is a Kestrel V of 640 hp, rather than the Kestrel II of 525 hp the Fury was originally fitted with.

After completion, the Fury replica was registered as G-BKBB and painted up as X1930 from 43 Squadron 'The Fighting Cocks'. Patrick Lindsay was a very ill man, but was able to see the aircraft's first flight on December 11, 1985 (in the hands of Viv Bellamy) before his death. Cared for by Personal Plane Services at Booker, Buckinghamshire, the aircraft was rarely seen, and rumours of possible show appearances and offers for sale abounded, including a static appearance at Christie's Auction at IWM Duxford in 1990, where it failed to sell with a reserve of £ 200,000 and less than three hours flying time. Afterwards it was sold to the Belgian Vintage Aircraft Flying Museum. In 1996 it was flown to Belgium and was placed on the Belgian registration as OO-HFU. During an airshow it crashed and was damaged. A rebuild was undertaken in 2001 by Skysport Engineering and a number of test flights were carried out in the UK. The Fury was then based at Old Warden for a short period. In June 2003 Dirk De Slenter flew it back to Belgium and it went in to storage at Kortrijk Wevelgem, it having been decided by the late owner's family that it was too precious to fly. In 2009 the Fury and its engine was surveyed by a technician for Mr Gerald Yagen and the aircraft was sold from Belgium to Jerry Yagen's Military Aviation Museum, Virginia Beach, VA, USA, soon after and later shipped to the USA.



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