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Beechcraft Premier 1

Raython Premier 1



Raytheon developed the composite Premier I entry-level jet with a composite fuselage, empennage and control surfaces built of graphite and epoxy laminates with honeycomb construction, totaling more than a million miles of carbon-fiber filaments. The wings are aluminum.

First flying in December 1998, the Premier offers typical jet speed and altitudes. The Premier I is also certified for single-pilot operation.



Premier 1
Engines: two 2,300 lb Williams FJ44-2A
Seats: 2+6
Gross weight: 12,500 lb
Empty weight: 8,470 lb
Fuel capacity: 548 USgals
Max cruise: 451 kts
Range: 826-1,502 nm
Ceiling: 41,000 nm
Takeoff distance: 3,792 ft.
Landing distance: 3,170 ft.

Premier 1A
Engines: (2) Williams FJ44-2A   
Max Cruise Speed: 451 kt @FL330
Max Range: 1460 nm
Max Certified Altitude: 41,000 ft
Takeoff Distance: 3792 ft
New Price 2009: US$6.4 million



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