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Caproni C22J Caproncino
Based on the experience gained with the Calif, the C- 22J was developed. The C-22 J Caproncino is a side by side two-seater equipped with two Microturbo engines.
The first C- 22J has made ​​its first flight 21 July 1980. It was presented static at the Salon du Bourget 1981 and flying at Farnborough in 1984, where it was flown by Colonel Paolo Barberis, former commander of the Italian nationnale patrol "Frecce Tricolori".
3 examples were built.
Sale price: $300 000 - 375 000
No. 001
Museo Gianni dell'Aeronautica
Caproni, Trento, Italy
No. 002
No. 003
Museum "Volandia" Milan, Italy
Wingspan: 10 m
Length: 6.188 m
Height: 1.88 m
Wing area: 8.75 m²
Max level speed: 530 km.h
Max speed: 700 km.h
Endurance: 3 hr 18 min
External load: 200 kh

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