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Breda BZ.301 / BZ.303


Filippo Zappata, responsible for the C.R.D.A. Cant series of bombers, joined the Breda design staff in 1941, and was subsequently responsible for several interesting projects, few of which were actually built.
The Breda- Zappata BZ.301 was a projected medium bomber derived from the Cant Z.1018 Leone. It was accepted for production but none were completed.
The Breda BZ.303 was a projected night fighter derived from the Cant Z.1018 bomber. The Bz 303 was a sleek two-seat, low-wing monoplane of mixed construction with twin fins and rudders. Power was provided by two 1,450-h.p. Piaggio P.XV R.C.60j2V radials, and the exceptionally heavy armament of eight 20-mm. Mauser cannon (four firing forwards and four firing to the rear) and a 12.7-mm. machine gun in a dorsal position. Maximum speed was 360 m.p.h., and range was 963 miles. The sole prototype was under construction in 1943 but was scrapped after the armistice.
Engines: 2 x 1,450 hp Piaggio P.XV R.C.60

Armament: 8 x 20 mm + 1 x 12.7 mm









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