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Breda Ba 201 [2]
Another Breda design that progressed no further than the prototype stage was the Ba 201, which designation was, during the war years, erroneously applied to a supposed Italian-built version of the Ju 87B. In fact, although undoubtedly influenced by Junkers trends, the Ba 201 was an entirely original design.
The first mock-up built placed the cockpit at the rear with an IF Asso V-12. A second scheme had a forward-placed cockpit, IF Asso V-12 then 1,050 hp DB601 engine.
One prototype dive bomber (MM.451) flew July 1941, powered by a 1,050-h.p. DB 601 engine and featuring an inverted gull wing and retractable undercarriage. The Ba 201 was tested at Guidonia in 1940-41 but considered too slow without a gunner.
Engine: 1 x 1,175 hp DB 601A
Span: 13 m
Bombload: 1 x 500 kg
Seats: 1

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