Bede BD-7

This Bede creation is essentially a two- or four-seat version of the BD-5. Though the plans call for two Xenoah three-cylinder engines driving a common shaft, it is possible to fit the BD-7 with any engine from 100 to 200 hp. In any case, the powerplant(s) drives a variable-pitch pusher prop and is fed by wing tanks of either 50 or 80 gallons total capacity. As with the BD-5, the tricycle landing gear is fully retractable and the canopy-covered cabin is heated. The materials used in the construction of the BD-7 are the same as those used for its little brother.

Engines: two 70-90 hp Xenoahs.
Gross Wt: 2000 lbs.
Empty Wt: 960 lbs.
Fuel capacity: 50-80 USG.
Wingspan: 24’.
Length: 20’6”.
Top speed: 220 mph.
Cruise speed: 210 mph.
Stall: 65 mph.
Climb rate: 1500 fpm.
Ceiling: 25,000 ft.
Takeoff run: 500 ft.
Landing roll (50’): 700 ft.
Range: 1000 sm.