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Chrysostomides Jaguar


The Jaguar began in 1969 as a biplane class racing aircraft Pete Tomalesky, was interested in racing and felt that, the recently evolved biplane class would be fertile ground to explore. The project was literally shelved in early 1970 as business matters took most of Tomalesky's time. As often happens, interests change, and he abandoned the project to design and build a two-place, biplane he called the Tomcat. The aircraft bare bones were purchased by Stavros Chrysostomides, a South Carolina artist/homebuilder.     

This aircraft was designed for an O-290 Lycoming of 125 hp, and the mount was welded directly to the airframe to save weight. A one-piece steel spring landing gear was formed and fitted with 500 x 5 wheels and tires, which were later sold to a fellow building a Knight Twister.

The negative staggerwing configuration was selected to provide the pilot maximum visibility in pylon turns, and since the top wing root was aft of the pilot's head, the forward sweep of the top wings was needed to locate the wing properly in relation to the CC and the lower wing.

Chrysostomides discovered. the need to adjust the angle of a forward sweep since he was using a larger O-320 Lycoming. Also included was a statically balanced elevator to reduce chances of high-speed elevator flutter. The counterweight was attached to the elevator horn, and thereby completely concealed inside the Nselage. Calculations placed the top speed near 200 mph with a cruise near 150 mph.

The Jaguar was still flying in December 1979.


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