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Bitz Flugzeugbau Fokker Dr.1




Bitz Flugzeubau in Germany built two Fokker Dr.1 triplanes in 1964 for the film industry. They featured in such films as ‘Blue Max’ and ‘Von Richthofen and Brown’.



After filming, one triplane, owned by ex-RCAF pilot Lynn Garrisin’s Blue Max Aviation, was stolen from storage Leixlip, Ireland. It resurfaced in a ‘Wing and Wheels’ auction in Florida years later however title was regained through the Courts and it was moved to Chino for restoration. From here it was stolen again. It was then abandoned at a Los Angeles A&P technician’s shop and following closure of the busined, stored in the ‘owners’ back yard. After being overgrown in shrubbery, new owners of the house discovered it many years later. The legal process began again and the aircraft returned to the Garrison family.
Engine: Siemens-Halske Sh.14S

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