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Zlin Z-137


The Zlin Z-137T Agro Turbos are essentially an updated turbine version of the piston engine Z-37 Cmelak, first flown in 1981. Modifications included strengthening the centre section of the wing, alterations to the tail surfaces and the in-stallation of a rudder trim. The first Z-137T was #029 and registered OK-UJM in July 1989. The aircraft were built in batches. The first batch totalled six and from 1960 they were built in batches of 20 or 30, with production reaching its height in 1972 when some 65 aircraft were produced. Along with the agricultural aircraft, some two-seat trainers were built, with a second cockpit replacing the hopper. Production ceased in 1977 but in 1981 the production line was reopened at Kunovice, and a fur-ther 40 aircraft were built. Production ceased in 1995 with #053, which was sold to Hungary as HA-MFR. The constructor numbers are in batches — 00-01 through 00-06, then 01-01 to 01-20, 02-xx and so on depending on the number in the batch.

137T Agro Turbo
Engine: Motorlet M601Z turboprop (520 hp)
Wing span: 44 ft 8.5 in
Length: 34 ft 4 in
Height: 11 ft 6 in
Empty wt: 2756 lb
MTOW: 5566 lb



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