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Zselyi 1910 monoplane
Reported in Flight, April 16, 1910, as a monoplane which had just been constructed at Budapest by an engineer, Aladar Zselyi. The frame is constructed of spruce and steel-tubing, braced in the ordinary way by steel wires. The two main-planes fit into sockets in the main frame at a small dihedral angle. They have a span of 20 ft. and a chord of 6 ft., while the total lifting surface of the machine is 130 sq. ft., and the elevator has an area of 21.5 sq. ft. A two-bladed Chauviere tractor-screw, 6 ft. in diameter, is driven direct by a 30-h.p. Darracq water-cooled motor,
Engine: 30-h.p. Darracq
Prop: two-blade Chauviere 6 ft diameter
Wing span: 20 ft
Wing chord: 6 ft
Wing area: 130 sq. ft
Elevator area: 21.5 sq. ft
Length: 23 ft
Empty weight: 340 lb
Loaded weight: 475 lb
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