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Zdarsky Trike
Zdarsky in Austria
Czechoslovakian engineering student Ivo Zdarsky escaped into Austria in a homemade 'ultralight' aircraft powered by a 2-cylinder engine.
The student, wearing a bright yellow crash helmet, flew the craft only about 100 to 200 yards above the ground for the entire trip. He parked his homemade, 3-wheeled craft with a basket-like seat outside an Austrian Airlines hangar used for DC-9 jets and sat there until airport employees spotted him.
Police said the man took off from the town of Lozorno, about 6 miles inside Czechoslovakia, at 3 a.m. and landed at Vienna's Schwechat airport about 4:45 a.m., a 25-mile trip. Police said the student told them he had planned his escape for a year, making secret test flights of the ultralight aircraft.
A witness said the student's plane was powered by a 600-cubic centimeter, 2-cylinder engine and had a fuel tank taken from a Czechoslovak-made Java motorcycle. Ultralights are prohibited in Austria because of noise and environmental regulations.
The 24-year-old Ivo Zdarsky spoke fluent English and asked for political asylum and wanted to emigrate to the United States or Australia, police said.
Zdarsky was able to sell his plane to a German museum that housed escape vehicles. Afterwards he moved to Los Angeles where he started his own company, called Ivoprop, which produced propellers of his own design. 

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