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Žurovec 1912 monoplane

This monoplane was built at the home of the Žurovec brothers in the village Harty (German: Lilien) near Petrvald (Groß Peterswald) in 1912. When completed it was exhibited in the village inn of the neighbouring Albrechticky (Klein Olbersdorf).
Afterwards it was tested on the meadows between these villages, where today the airport of Ostrava (Ostrau) is located. But because of the quickly overheating 40 hp Delfosse engine only short flights with heights of no more than 40 metres could be obtained.
It was the first aircraft built and flown in Moravia (Mähren). Josef Žurovec was the driving person behind this design. He later should have joined the k.u.k. Fliegertruppe, but not much is known of him. Better known is his elder brother Vilém Žurovec, for his work with Petroczy and Kárman and the developement of the PKZ-1 and PKZ-2 helicopters.

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