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Yue No.2
Feng Yue #2 at the National Aviation Museum in Nanking.
Although the "Feng Ru No. 1" airplane was damaged during the first test flight, it can be proven that it flew, and the Chinese immigrants in the USA were legitimately very proud. They continued to support Feng Ru's airplane endeavors, and in January 1911 Yue started his new airplane"Feng. 2" in Oakland.
Yue launched his second airplane above the Piedmont hills on September 21, 1909. The Feng Yue #2 was Curtiss-like, but had some differences in the front elevator assembly.
This was the first airplane manufactured by an Oakland resident to fly in that area. Unfortunately, this airplane crashed as well after a twenty minute flight when the bolt holding the propeller shaft broke. Fong continued building planes, and in 1911, his plane stayed in the air for 40 minutes and landed without a mishap.


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