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Zimmerman Flying Pancake
Wind tunnel testing (NACA)
The 1935 single place low-aspect-ratio "flying pancake" developed in off-times by Charles H Zimmerman, John McKellar, and Richard Noyes, then with NACA, for design competition with Ercoupe and Stearman- Hammond. US patent #2,108,093 was issued to Zimmerman in 1938. Although rejected by NACA at too radical, despite its potential as a stall-proof airplane, elements of the design surfaced later in Vought V-173 and Vought-Sikorsky XF5U-1.
Unable to synchronize the motors, rather than risk an accident the project was abandoned and it never flew.
Engines: 2 x 25hp Cleone
Wingspan: 7'0"
Seats: 1

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