Zuck-Whitaker Plane-Mobile
Plane-Mobile NX30031
The 1947 Plane-Mobile built by Daniel R Zuck and Stanley D Whitaker was a roadable airplane with a floating, or pivotal, wing, free to change its angle of attack according to the vagaries of the air currents. There were no rudders or elevators in the tail, instead the wings had "ailerators," a combination of ailerons and elevators.
Registered NX30031, it reportedly suffered a severe ground loop during a test flight.
Engine: Continental A-40, 40hp
Wingspan: 31'6"
Length: 15'6"
Useful load: 375 lb
Max speed: 90 mph
Cruise speed 80 mph
Stall: 40 mph
Range: 285 mi
Seats: 2