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Yuneec eSpyder
GreenWing International GW280
The Flightstar is a large family of single and two-seat, high wing, single engined kit aircraft that was produced by Flightstar Sportplanes of South Woodstock, Connecticut. In 2009 the rights, tooling and parts inventory were sold to Yuneec International of China when Flightstar Sportplanes' business was wound up.
In April 2014 Yuneec International of China debuted its eSpyder electric at the AERO event in Germany. The eSpyder is a reworked Flightstar ultralight from the 1980s. Flight Design USA's Tom Peghiny, producer of the Flightstar for many years, sold the design to Yuneec but continued helping with development. The eSpyder, has completed Germany's DULV aviation standard.
In July 2009 a new single seat model was exhibited at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. The aircraft is intended to be developed into a commercially available kit and forecast to be available for under US$25,000.
The e-Spyder is an electric-powered and beefing up (enlarging and strengthening) version of the Flightstar Spyder. The aircraft replaces the Spyder's two-stroke engine with a Yuneec Power Drive 20 20 kW / 27 hp electric motor and two 28 lb (13 kg) Lithium polymer battery packs which provide a 40-minute endurance.
The E-Spyder, a single seat electric powered aircraft featuring the PowerDrive 24 propulsion system integrating the Motor, Motor Controller, 75 Volt Battery, and Charger, received the world’s first type certification for an electric aircraft from Deutschen Ultraleichtflugverbandes (DULV) E.V in 2013.
Yuneec International created GreenWing International to further develop and market their GW280 (eSypder) and GW430 (e430) airplanes. GreenWing International went out of business in about 2014.
GreenWing International had announced the release of its first 50 eSpyder single-seat electric planes, which were to be sold as build-it-yourself kits for for under US$40,000. The company was to ship 25 eSpyders in the United States at a cost of US$39,990. Another 25 were to be sold in Europe for €34,990 each.
Power: PowerDrive 24, 24 kW / 32 hp
Battery: 75 Volt, 13-kWh lithium
Wingspan: 10.1 m / 33.1 ft
Length: 5.9 m / 19.4 ft
Height: 2.4 m / 7.9 ft
Empty weight: 186 kg / 410 lb
Max cruise: 68 mph / 109 km/h
Economy cruise: 38 mph / 61 km/h
Standard flight time: 60 - 90 min
Battery recharging: 2 - 3 hr



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