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Yetti J-03
Czech Republic, August 23, 2014
The Yetti J-03 was developed in the Czech Republic as a mass-produced fixed wing aircraft with a welded steel frame structures with metal duralumin wing spars and ribs covered with cloth or ceconite.
Dual controls are fitted. The original version was fitted with Skoda Favorit 136 B engines of 68 HP. With this engine it needed about 250m for take off. Climb rate was around 2.5 m / s.
Later examples had modified Skoda Favorit Sprint 70-75 hp engines with a noticeable increase in performance. Modification consisted of lowering the head to increase the compression ratio, and milling and polishing inlet and exhaust ports in the head. This was performed by Autospektrum 2000 sro from Marianske Lazne, with permission from the Ministry of Transport. With this motor the cruise was 90 to 140 km / h and climb solo around 3-4 m / s. The ideal propeller is the a two-blade in-flight adjustable composite propeller KAŠPAR KA 1-3 or the Woodcomp SR 30 wooden two-blade diameter 1800 mm. The aircraft climbs at 90 km / h 6 m / s solo and 4-5 m / s two up. The cruising speed ranges from 95 to 175 km / h. Climbing speed is from 95 to 100 km / h. Vne is 182 km / h. Recommended maximum speed in turbulence is 120- 140 km / h depending on the type and the type of engines and airframe.
Yetti was also powered by two-stroke water-cooled Rotax 65 hp. Now is fitted conversions automotive engine type 1600,106HP Suzuki, Subaru 1800 output of 80 to 100 HP, VW-Skoda Fabia 1400ccm 16V 101-112HP, or a certified aircraft engine Rotax 912 S 74kW- 100 hp and three-blade ground adjustable propeller Woodcomp Varia 1700 or economical variant WOODCOMP propulsion, which gives it unprecedented performance. Seat pilot and copilot are height adjustable and side by side. The cabin width ranges from 115 to 120 cm.
Zejda Skoda Fabia engine


A total of 18 were produced. 11 were flying in the Czech Republic.
The required length for landing is about 150-200 m from 15 m. The required length for takeoff to 15m is about 150-240 meters two up.
Engine: Rotax 912 S, or Skoda 75-112HP
Empty weight: 657 lbs
MTOW: 1041 lbs
Stall speed: 35 kts
Cruise speed: 70 kts
VNE: 100 kts
Climb: 1181 ft/min
Glide ratio: 10:1
Takeoff distance (50ft obstacle): 755 ft
Landing distance (50´ft obstacle): 755 ft
Engine: Zejda Skoda Fabia 1.2 TSI CBZB, 144 hp
Wing span: 9.8 m
Empty weight: 320.5 kg
MTOW: 472.5 kg
Stall speed: 35 kts
Cruise speed: 120-160 km / h
Economical speed: 100 km / h
VNE: 100 kt / 182 km / h
Vs1: 56 km / h
Climb: 5.5 m/sec
Glide ratio: 10:1
Takeoff distance: 150 m








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