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Zivko Aeronautics Edge 540


Carbon fibre is the material of choice for Zivko Aeronautics. The cowl, the fairings, the instrument panel and even the wheel pants are all carbon fibre, as is the canopy frame which has the perspex moulded into it. Traditional tubular steel is used for the fuselage, engine mount and empennage. The Edge 540 has balancing spades on its large ailerons, which run almost three-quarters the length of the wing. These essentially take the load of the ailerons (off the stick) so it doesn’t matter what speed you’re flying, you can get full aileron with relative ease. The generous ailerons give the aircraft a roll-rate of about 420o a sec-ond. Weights and performance vary from aeroplane to aeroplane.
First flying in 1996, eight had been sold by the end of 1997 at $177,407.
Two versions were available, the Edge 540 (single place) and Edge 540-T (two place).


Engine: Lycoming 350 hp
Prop: Hartzell
Loading: +10
Empty wt: 1200 lbs
ROC: 3700 fpm



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