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Zenair CH750


Based on the CH 701 the STOL CH 750 design incorporates the 701's short-field capabilities, while maximizing cabin size and load carrying capability allowed under the FAA's new Sport Pilot / Light Sport Aircraft  category.
The STOL CH 750 aircraft was developed as an "off-airport" short take-off and landing kit aircraft to fulfill the demanding requirements of both sport pilots and first-time builders.  The aircraft features fixed leading-edge slats for high lift, full-span flaperons (both ailerons and flaps), an all-flying rudder, and durable all-metal construction. The aircraft features many engine choices: Continental, Jabiru, Rotax, Corvair, and more, and full length flaperons and all-flying rudder

Engine: Continental O-200-A, 100 hp
Powerplant range: 80 - 125 hp, up to 300 lb.
Wing Span: 29 ft. 9 in/9.1 m
Height (Rudder Tip): 8 ft. 8 in/2.6 m.
Wing Area: 144 sq.ft./13.4 m.sq
Wing Chord: 4 ft. 10 in/1.5 m.
Length: 21 ft. 10 in/ 6.7 m
Horizontal Tail Span: 8 ft. 5 in/2.6 m
Wing Loading: 9.15 lb/ft.sq/44.8 m.sq
Horizontal Tail Area: 22.2 sq.ft/2.0 m.sq.
Empty Weight: 775 lb/350 kg
Gross Weight: 1,320 lb/600 kg.
Useful Load: 545 lb/250 kg
Power Loading: 13.2 lb/hp / 6.0 kg/hp
Load Factor (Ult): +6 G / -3g
Cabin Width (Shoulders): 42 in/100 cm.
Cabin Width(Opt): 50 in/1.27 m
Fuel Capacity (Std): 24 USG/90 lt
Take-Off Roll: 100 ft/30m
Landing Roll: 125 ft/38m
Max Cruise SL: 100 mph/162 kph    
VNE : 125 mph/200 kph
Stall, Flaps Dn: 35 mph/56 kph
Rate of climb: 1,000 fpm/5.1 m/s
Service Ceiling: 14,000+ ft/ 4,200+ m
Std. Range: 400 sm/710 km.
Endurance: 5 Hrs


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