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Yakolev Yak-141


The Yak-141, being the world's first supersonic STOVL (short take-off/vertical landing) aircraft, has three engines: one lift-cruise R-79 with a thrust of 15500kg and two small-sized RD-41 of 4100kg each. The powerplant allows the plane to lift off vertically with a weight of up to 15,800kg. Alternatively, the Yak-141 can perform short take-offs (60-120m) with a weight of up to 19,500kg. In the latter case the combat radius increases by 1.5-2 times and patrol time in the combat zone by two times. The pilot can use afterburner even when the nozzles are deflected. The Yak-141's integral flight-control system sets power and deflection of the nozzles so as to optimise making vertical/short take-offs and landings.
The Yak-141M was meant primarily for ground-basing. Introduction of new flight regimes, as well as new take-off/landing techniques, has entailed changes in the airframe, leading to a new design, the Yak-141M.


Engine: 1 x R-79V-300, 152.0 kN , 2 x RD-41, 41.8 kN
Max take-off weight: 19500 kg / 42990 lb
Empty weight: 11650 kg / 25684 lb
Wingspan: 10.1 m / 33 ft 2 in
Length: 18.3 m / 60 ft 0 in
Height: 5.0 m / 16 ft 5 in
Wing area: 31.7 sq.m / 341.22 sq ft
Max. speed: 1850 km/h / 1150 mph
Ceiling: 15500 m / 50850 ft
Range w/max.fuel: 2100 km / 1305 miles
Range w/max.payload: 1400 km / 870 miles
Crew: 1
Armament: 1 x 30mm cannon, 1000kg (VTOL) or 2650kg (STOL)
Hardpoints: six

Yakolev Yak-141


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