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Yakolev Yak-54



The Yak-54 was designed in the 1990s as an improved two seat version of the Yak-55. Featuring a new landing gear that is raked forward, three blade propeller, and larger tail surfaces, the Yak-54 was first flown in December 1993. The airframe is built to 7G.

Publicy introduced at the 1994 Paris Air Show, manufacture came to a stop, after one production aircraft, in 1998, pending certification. Some modifications were made to improve stability, aerodynamics and aerobatic performance, plus the M-14 engine was not certified.

The production aircraft was purchased by Jim Bourke and after two years of inactivity was restored to flight in 1996.

The Yak-54 did eventually receive full certification and a series of five was under construction.


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