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Yakolev Yak-5 / I-28


Originally proposed in parallel with the Ya-26 (I-26), the Ya-28 (I-28) was a dedicated high-altitude interceptor fighter developed in competition with the Mikoyan-Gurevich OKB's Kh (I-200). Flown in the late spring of 1941 - shortly after the I-30 alias Yak-3 - the high-altitude fighter had meanwhile been redesignated Yak-5 and its test programme had been delayed by development problems with its mechanically-driven two-stage Dollezhal supercharger. Possessing a fundamentally similar mixed structure to that of the Yak-1, but featuring a modified wing structure with automatic outboard leading-edge slats, the Yak-5 was powered by a Klimov M-105PD - the M-105P with the Dollezhal supercharger - rated at 1,220hp for take-off and 1,150hp at 2700m. Armament was similar to that of the Yak-1. To improve all-round vision for the pilot, the cockpit canopy was extended aft. Two further prototypes of the Yak-5 were built, but the two-stage supercharger proved troublesome, and this problem, coupled with the higher priority assigned to the "frontal" Yak-1, led to rejection of the Yak-5 as a production type. Nonetheless, flight testing continued and it was alleged that a speed of 650km/h was attained at 8500m, and that, during June 1942, an altitude of 12890m was reached by one of the Yak-5 prototypes.

Empty weight: 2990 kg / 6592 lb
Ceiling: 12000 m / 39350 ft
Range: 460 km / 286 miles


Yakolev Yak-5 (I-28)




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