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Voisin-Farman 1




Built for Farman by Voisin Frères, Charles and Gabriel – often referred to as the Voisin-Farman 1 or Voisin HF-1 – yet sometimes called the Farman HF-1, since after delivery from the Voisin Factory, Henry Farman made significant modifications to the machine. This Voisin-built Farman had no ailerons and no wing warping, the only thing to do was to fly a very steady level turn.
In this form it became the first aeroplane, after the Wright Flyer No. 2, 1904, to remain airborne for over a minute and turn a complete circle. The latter flight, made on 13th January, 1908, won Farman the Deutsch‑Archdeacon prize of 50,000 francs for completing the first official circle of one kilometre in diameter.
The photograph shows Farman at the moment he crosses the start/finish line at Issy-les-Moulineaux in completing, on January 13, 1908, the first 1 km circuitous flight, thus winning the Grand Prix d'Aviation that had been offered by Henri Deutsch de la Meurthe. Although the two points (start and return) were exactly at 500 m distance, Farman was unable to fly the aeroplane in that way. Observers in the photo from left to right are: René Demanest, André Fournier, Louis Blériot (commissaire au départ et à l'arrivée) and Charles Voisin. In the car are Ernest Archdeacon (one of the prize sponsors) and his wife.

Around 80 were built.


Engine One 50 h.p. Antoinette.
Wing span 33 ft. (10.2 m.)
Weight empty 1145 lb. (520 kg.)
Weight gross: 1280 lb
Speed 40 mph (64 km.p.h.)
Range 1,640 yds. (1,500 m.)

Seats: 1





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