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White Midget
White Midget Sportplane N90837 of 1950
W.E.White, a Navy machinist, built himself an airplane for less than $200 in 1950. Using tubing and instruments from crashed aircraft, parts of three different engines made one good one.
The bill for the materials was, tubing $6, Welding gas $7, spars $10, small wood parts $10, balsa to fair the struts $1, sheet metal $6, fabric and dope $50, engine $50. Miscellaneous other items brought the total to just under $200.
White used steel tubing for the fuselage from the pilot’s headrest forward, and spruce from the headrest to the tail. The wing is fabric covered wood. The control cables to the ailerons are mounted on top and bottom of the wings, through standard aircraft pulleys. The tires are 7x16 salvaged from an Aeronca.
Engine: 40 hp
Wingspan: 20 ft
Length: 14 ft 9 in
Take-off weight: 450 lb
Fuel capacity: 4 USG
Cruise: 60 mph
Landing speed: 35 mph

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