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Walter Stein Aeroplanbau Eindecker 1911
The Walter Stein Aeroplanbau in Teltow/Berlin built two or three disserent designs, depending on how you count. The first was built by Rumpler in the spring of 1910. It was followed by a distinct reconstruction by Stein himself. The machine retained the Aeolus engine but got a sturdier undercarriage and new Taube-like wings. As with his first design, Stein was struggling to get the machine in the air during Autumn 1910. In 1911 Stein built a second Eindecker, fitted at first with a Rumpler Aeolus engine and later modified with a Gregoire-Gyp-Motor. This was the challenge machine. It was later modified, probably in 1912, with a tailwheel and an additional strut to the lower king-post.

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