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Wolfsberg Letecka Tovrna Sparrow
The Wolfsberg Letecka Tovrna Sparrow ML is a twin tail boom airplane with a pusher propeller. The design features large car-like doors that can be opened up to 90°. The pilot position in front of the wing brings excellent view.
The Sparrow is equipped with the 80hp and 100 hp Rotax engines. The main undercarriage is equipped with oil dampers, the wheels of the main chassis are fitted with hydraulic disc brakes. The dashboard is designed for mounting both classic mechanical devices and state-of-the-art glass cockpit.
Sparrow ML was designed, calculated and tested to fulfill all requirements of Ultralight and LSA standards.
The airplane has modern light carbon fiber construction and conventional controls with control stick and pedals and electric flaps and trim control. Sparrow ML can have full dual controls or only pilot control on front seat.
The dashboard position allows convenient control of all devices and switches.
The aircraft is equipped with a proven ballistic rescue system.
Engine: Rotax 912 ULS: 80-100 hp
Wing span: 9.1m / 29.9 ft
Wing area: 11.6 sq.m / 124.9 sq.ft
Length: 7 m / 23.0 ft
Height: 1.7 m / 5.6 ft
Empty weight: 272 kg / 600 lb
Gross weight: 600 kg / 1323 kg
Fuel capacity: 60 lt / 15.9 gal
Min pilot weight: 75 kg / 165 lb
Max baggage weight: 8 kg / 17.6 lb
Stall clean: 60 kph / 32.4 kt
Stall ldg config: 57 kph / 30.8 kt
Maneuvering speed: 160 kph / 86.4 kt
Max speed ldg config: 115 kph / 62.1 kt
Max cruise: 210 kph / 113.4 kt
Vne: 234 kph / 126.4 kt

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