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Wright R Roadster / High Flyer / Baby Wright / Baby Grand
Wright R Roadster
The 1910 two-place open cockpit Wright R Roadster was powered by a 30hp Wright 4 with two pusher props.
Similar 8-cylinder models were known as High Flyer and Baby Wright.
The Baby Grand, which was single place, with a 60hp Wright driving two pusher props, had no front elevator.
Wright Baby Grand 1910

Models were also displayed at the 1917 Pan-Pacific Aero Exposition (New York) with a 75hp Wright and a 150hp Hisso.
R Roadster
Engine: 30hp Wright 4
Props: two pusher
Wingspan: 22'0"
Length: 19'6"
Seats: 2
Baby Grand
Engine: 60hp Wright
Props: two pusher
Wingspan: 26'6"
Length: 19'6"
Speed: 75 mph
Seats: 1

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