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Wright Bros L
The 1915 Wright L was a two-place, open cockpit biplane primary trainer with standard control surfaces. Powered by a 100hp Hall-Scott A-7, it was similar to the Dayton-Wright FS-1 except for a longer wing.
The Model L was inferior to many other biplanes that were being produced at the time. It failed to secure any military orders and few were produced.
This was the last airplane produced by the Wright Company under that name. By this time Orville Wright no longer owned the company, but he was retained as a consultant and may have had some input on the design of the Model L.
Wright Model L
Engine: 100hp Hall-Scott A-7, 75 hp at 1400 to 1560 rpm
Propeller: Single direct-drive, 8 ft (244 cm)
Wingspan: 29 ft (8.8 m)
Wing area: 360 sq ft (33.4 sq. m)
Wing chord: 6.5 ft (198 cm)
Wing separation: 5.7 ft (174 cm)
Camber: 1:20
Length: 24.2 ft (7.4 m)
Horizontal rear elevator: 20 sq ft (1.9 sq m)
Twin movable vertical rear rudders: 8.5 sq ft (0.8 sq m)
Weight: 850 lbs (386 kg)
Speed range: 25 to 80 mph (40 to 129 kph)

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